On Wednesday, January 22, four performers will hit the streets of Calgary armed with little more than cameras and synchronized watches. One hour later, they will arrive at the Royal Canadian Legion to present the footage to a waiting audience in a show called “Super Night Shot.”

“Super Night Shot” is performed by a group of British and German artists collectively called Gob Squad. Together, the group has performed the show nearly 200 times on six different continents since its creation in 2003. The group aims to coax out the stories of each city – whether that city is Berlin or Bangalore – and truly, no two nights are ever the same.

Despite having such an unpredictable concept, Gob Squad member Simon Will explains that the show actually follows a very strict structure.

praternightshot0074“It’s all done with precise timing. However, what a tight structure means is that anything can happen in the bits in between.”

Like many Hollywood movies, “Super Night Shot” tells the story of a hero (a role that is rotated among the performers) who sets out on a journey. Along the way, the hero will face challenges and overcome obstacles. “In the end,” says Will, “the hero will hopefully fall in love and the story will offer hope to the world.”

Despite the structure that this storyline provides, anything can happen, as the group learned the hard way during a show in Ireland, when a camera was stolen by a group of teenagers. Luckily, they left the camera filming as Will, playing the hero for the evening, bartered with them to return it.

But “Super Night Shot” offers much more than the excitement of unpredictability. “[Audiences] are going to see something extraordinary,” says Will. “They are going to see a portrait of their city and the people that live in it, but it’s going to be in a way that they have never seen it before.”

“Super Night Shot” plays Wednesday, January 22 at the Royal Canadian Legion #1.

By Sara Elizabeth Taylor

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