Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Need I elaborate? More dark rooms and long stretches of shaky cameras and inactivity, peppered with bouts of sheer terror. They’ve done this twice before; you know what you’re in for. January 3.

The Devil’s Knot

This is a dramatic re-telling of the West Memphis, Three who were wrongfully convicted of the murders of three young boys. It’s told from the perspective of a white middle class blonde housewife (Reese Witherspoon) and directed by Canadian auteur Atom Egoyan. January 24.

That Awkward Moment

This bro comedy tells the stories of three best friends who have all arrived at that “awkward moment” when you have to put some sort of label on a relationship, because boys don’t do feelings and stuff. January 31.


Canada’s Top Ten 2013

The Pacific Cinematheque will be presenting the year’s best Canadian films, chosen by a panel of Canadian filmmakers and experts, on January 17-19, 24-27, and 29. Check out for film and screening details.

The Shining

This is essential viewing for any fan of either Stanley Kubrick or Stephen King. The isolation of the Overlook Hotel fits in well with the post-holiday hangovers and icy chill of January. See it on the big screen at the Rio Theatre on January 24 at 11 p.m.

Italian Film Festival

This is the inaugural Italian Film Festival at Vancity Theatre. The selection of films includes canonical classics and modern films that have not been screened before in Vancouver. Get a taste of Italy from January 10-16. Check out for details.

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