1010) Kemo Treats – The Essentials (Eleazar Records)

I have a soft spot for music with solid beats alongside humours lyrics. Kemo Treats does not cease to disappoint with their latest release.

99) Ben Disaster – Live off the Lawn (self-released)

This EP was recorded around a fire pit. I love the mood, raw sound and harmonica present here.

88) Switches – Switches EP (self-released)

These gals and guy know how to rock and roll. Punk undertones come to the surface, especially in a song that is an ode to a stellar roommate.

77) Field Assembly – Narco (self-released)

Songwriter Lyle Fox’s 7 tracks are catchy cover many musical landscapes all rooted in folk.

66) Segue – Blue (self-released) 

Composer Jordan Sauer created this ambient delight using the combination of simplistic sounds from daily surroundings with techno.

55) Jom Comyn — In the Dark on 99 (All the time, All the time) (Value Records/Pho King Tapes)

You won’t be able to get enough of Jim Cuming’s distinct bass- baritone vocals, lyrics about long northern winters and guitar that ranges from classic to experimental.

44) Betrayers – Let the Good Times Die (Perfect Master Records)

Psych/garage rockers the Betrayers take you to a time warp to the ‘60s, while still holding a modern spin on things. This is appealing to me, as I often feel I’m in a time warp.

33) Renny Wilson – Sugarglider (Mint Records)

This album is sensual, smooth, Arthur Russell-inspired disco. You will want to dance.

22) TAIWAN – TAIWAN/Hobo Cubes 12” (Pleasence Records)

TAIWAN’s hauntingly beautiful melodies are written to the style of Angelo Badalamenti (an American composer known for his work on the soundtrack of the television show, Twin Peaks, and the film, Blue Velvet) and often string two unrelated piece of music together using a common key. I can’t get enough of the result, especially while I’m in the bath.

11) Energetic Action – Becoming (Energetic Action Recordings)

Post-punk mavens Energetic Action take motions and make them into sounds: a simple conversion of energies born out of silence. The talented experimental quartet is reminiscent of the angular post-punk of Gang of Four; while each member’s eclectic taste maintains a composite that is distinct and evolving.

By Jenna Lee Williams

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