Vancouver has been making a slow recovery of venues over the last year, with a few new clubs and theatres opening here and there, each offering a different flavour of entertainment for the city. Fanclub, which has been making a name for itself as a haven for indie-music fans and ultra-local bands, is going to be sharings its stage, floor, and even walls and ceiling with a stack of talent this year: The Night Circus.

Step out off of Granville street and into Atlantis any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening until February 2nd. The alluring sunken city is an escape out of the city and terrestrial life, where you can pick up a passport that will provide you with a new alias name, backstory and even a catchphrase. Guests get to remain human, but watch out for some sexy fantastical creatures lurking around, from mystical mermaids to jellies, and even monstrous sea beasts!

ac2Before long, you’ll be dining on homestyle Southern Cajun dishes from the Fanclub kitchen that you claim to be “the bees knees,” if that’s your catchphrase, while the show begins. This dinner-theatre style circus is not for the faint of heart, as aerialists tumble down ribbons and trapezes from heart-sinking heights and precarious balancing acts tower overhead. Just when you think the stages circus performers have pulled all their moves – sneak attack! The costumed daredevils appear from out of nowhere and are on the floor, at the bar, at your table and could have their tentacles wrapped around your date quicker than you can yell “Kracken!”

What’s more, is this is all done to the live band reviving some psychedelic tunage. The burlesque, go-go dancing, and strip tease to Rock Lobster is an experience that only Atlantis could offer. If the regular weekend offerings of Vancouver’s nightlife have been a big of a drag lately, this event is sure to step it back up with flair.

The Night Circus entertainment is provided by In the House Festival and Blue Morris Burlesque, in partnership with Yelp! Check out Atlantis any Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening at Fanclub (1050 Granville Street) before February 2.

Words and photos by Jessica Brodeur

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