It’s always a fun time when a bigger show is going on at Dicken’s Pub. It’s one of the better live venues in the city and brings out the larger, rowdier crowds. That was no different during the Kataplexis CD release, where a packed and inebriated bunch laid waste to the mosh floor all night.

I managed to get in about halfway through Chieftain’s set. Having not heard their material before, I didn’t go in with any sort of expectation, but was pleasantly surprised. In what seems like his 100th band to date, Shrapnel contributor and drum wizard Tanner Wolff did not disappoint with his merry crew of adventure metal enthusiasts.

Afterwards, it was the ever-steady Exit Strategy, who have become something of a fixture around the Calgary metal scene with their erratic political deathgrind. As per usual, they delivered the goods to the best of their abilities. I was also cowering in fear from their vocalist, who appeared to be a slightly angrier and much bigger Phil Anselmo.

Then came Villainizer, who I admittedly went to see. I’ve been a fan of theirs since getting my hands on Reign In Terror over Noctis weekend. Needless to say, I was totally jazzed by their performance. I don’t know why they catch so much flack from the true elitist types. I realize the gimmick is a little much, but it’s hilarious and awesome. Combine that with rad riffs and an old school feel and it’s a winning recipe.

By the time Kataplexis got on to celebrate the release of Downpour, I was getting to that point where the moshpit soreness and alcohol consumption were rapidly degrading my general interest in being awake, but I stuck around for the majority of the set, regardless. They’re a solid band and they put on a super energetic show. Listening back to their material now, it’s pretty evident that they have a long and prosperous career in this business. If you didn’t run out to get Downpour over the weekend, I suggest you do so now.

By Brandon McNeil
Photos by Sarah Kitteringham

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