Brittney Rand and Francesca Belcourt are two very lanky and bejeweled singer-songwriters who very much like their namesake, the lost continent Mu, drift mythically in a sea of electronic pop. As self-proclaimed narrators of the adventures and tragedies of youth, they are combining the poignant and often drastic tales of wandering 20-somethings with their intricate knowledge of Vancouver’s burgeoning electronic world.

The two have spent the majority of their musical careers working as solo artists and in the process of producing MU’s EP have had to adjust their songwriting process to accompany this newly found dualism. When asked about this, Belcourt speaks up and explains. “Well now that we’re doing it together the intention is to always have a banger at the end!” With this her partner in crime, Rand, laughs and attempts to steer the conversation to a more constructive analysis of their musical development. This exchange is an extremely accurate representation of the band’s dynamic both in the way they create music and interact socially. Belcourt in her everyday speech is akin to a silly little kid in bright New Balance sneakers ready and excited to be seen by the world. Conversely, Rand is well versed and eloquent when she speaks about her music. Belcourt brings out Rand’s silly and more artistically adventurous side and Rand brings a new and modern perspective on the singer/songwriting world to Francesca’s classical style.

Rand does this through her unique production approach: “[My production style] has always kind of been experimenting with fantasy versus reality. I try to do something that’s both organic sounding but also rough by using a metallic sound and then using a really really soft synth, something like that. I think that’s what makes it kind of interesting.”

By combining two people, one with a wild and unkempt artistic brilliance and the other with a deep intellectual and intentional approach to both writing and production, you are left with a perfect balance of experimentation and organization.

They say all that glitters is not gold, but in the case of this beautiful EP and the future of MU, this statement may prove false. With gem stones perpetually super glued to their foreheads and haunting melodies ever spilling from their lips, the lost continent of Mu is making a comeback and it won’t take long for the rest of the world to discover it.

MU’s EP can be downloaded via their SoundCloud.

By Maya-Roisin Slater

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