Dancebeat---Razom-2-mI’m not going to sugarcoat it: February is going to be cold. While bundling up at home is certainly one way to keep warm, that old couch is going to start to lose its charm after a few days. Warm up with some dancing this month. Join in if you can, or just enjoy the spectacle from your seat. There’s enough happening this month to keep your dance card full.

State of Presence
Presented by Corps Bara Dance Theatre
Art Gallery of Calgary
February 1-2

State of Presence delves into the deeply spiritual world of dance and movement, exploring the relationship between meditation, contemplation, breath and exploration. Using music, dance and spoken word, the performance aims to stir and touch the spirit of the spectator.

Razom 2
Presented by Tryzob
SAIT Jubilee Auditorium
February 9

This collaboration between Calgary’s Ukrainian dance company and Winnipeg’s Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, Saskatoon’s Yevshan Ukrainian Folk Ballet Ensemble and Regina’s Tavria Ukrainian Folk Dance Ensemble is going to be incredible. Over 50 dancers will share the stage in this cross-Canadian celebration of Ukrainian dancing and music.

CrossCurrents 2014
Presented by Various Artists
Pumphouse Theatre
February 28

This project came from the desire to see more collaboration in the Calgary dance community. Six Calgarian choreographers and one guest choreographer mix and match from the worlds of jazz and contemporary dance, using eleven dancers from the local Calgary scene. Set inside the Victor Mitchell Theatre in the historic Pumphouse Theatre complex, this collision within the Calgary dance scene is going to be a night to remember.

By Genevieve Dale

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