Alexis, A Greek Tragedy

Alexis, A Greek Tragedy

In February, your thoughts might turn to that of love – specifically, where to go on dates. Seeing a play, nestled in a dark theatre in some cozy seats, is a great winter escape. And in addition to that, you’re in for a great experience that will keep the two of you talking long after the curtain has closed.

A Winter’s Tale
Presented by The Shakespeare Company
Mount Royal University’s Nickle Theatre
February 5-8

This one’s a Shakespearean romance, but don’t expect any lovey-dovey, will-they-won’t-they plot twists. King Leontes suspects his wife, Hermione, of carrying an illegitimate child. He puts her on trial, where she declares herself to be innocent. The story is dramatic and moving, and ends with a surprising amount of love and warmth.

No Exit
Presented by Theatre BSMT
Endeavour Arts & Event Space
February 14-22

This play by Jean Paul Sartre puts three people into an opulent drawing room, which we soon learn is in Hell. Garcin is a war deserter, Inez is a master manipulator and Estelle is a socialite who has no idea why she’s here… or so she says. As the lies break down, the three grapple with the fact that this is their eternity, stuck in a room with no exit.

Alexis, A Greek Tragedy
Presented by Motus
Theatre Junction Grand
February 19-22

All the way from Italy, this company combines political theatre, current events and the Greek tragedy of Antigone to tell the story of Alexis, a 15 year-old boy who was shot by police in the street. After his death, riots and revolution follow. The performance is a retelling of a story from ancient Western theatre using elements from the recent past to lend immediacy to the tragedy.

By Genevieve Dale

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