On Saturday, Feb. 1 at the Railway Club are a few heavy hitters that you don’t wanna miss: Blacked Out, Cliffjumper, Legion Of Goons & Spree Killers. Probably the punkest show that is closest to the downtown core that night.

Friday, Feb. 7 is a busy night with lotsa choices. You might want to pick the one you can walk to. At the Piss Factory the Burning Ghats, Car 87, All Out Panic, and Severed will trash and thrash you in to tomorrow. Meanwhile, punk granddaddies D.O.A, is having a record release at the Rickshaw. But if you like your music to sound like something you can dance and not mosh to, then check out the Beladeans at Toby’s Bar on Commercial. (three sets and free cover).

We talked to Seamus from NotYer Buddy Records, “It’s my B-Day show on Valentines Day (Saturday, Feb. 14) at LanaLou’s and it’s FREE (no cover). Featuring five bands I really dig and work with on a fairly regular basis: The Broken Hands (a little bit of blues, punk, sweat and a lotta rock ‘n’ roll), Monkeys In Drag (female-fronted four-piece that play what they call “Merigomish Trainwreck Rock” … oh and they dress in drag), Soulsucker (a balls-out assault on punk, metal, soul, HC and funk … they bring all those to the table and turn it to their own furious feast), Real Problems (one of the fastest, tightest three-piece garage punk ‘n’ roll bands East Van has to offer, similar approach as New Bomb Turks). The fifth band is a surprise! I already have four Vancouver shows and a NYB album release booked for March so expect more volumes soon.” Seamus has been promoting and releasing local artist albums (Spree Killers, Shockload, etc.) and compilations that are a great collection of songs from outfits in the Lower Mainland. Check out all of the releases here from NYB Records: https://not-yer-buddy-records.bandcamp.com/ and find the events at https://www.facebook.com/Not.Yer.Buddy. The compilations are only $5 for 26 songs. We can’t say enough about this promoter and his impact on the local independent scene.

Also on Feb. 14 it is voodoo madness with Big John Bates, Devil In The Wood Shack, The Wandering Halls & The Black Eagles + In The Caboose: The Electric Revival, Matthew Mei & Mani Khaira at The Railway Club. It would be a great one to bring your date to but don’t let Big John Bate’s handsome drummer steal her or him away.

If you didn’t go out and blow it all on Friday then Saturday, Feb. 15 should take care of that. La Chinga, Electric Revival, Brent J Cooper & more at the Electric Owl. WHOA! WAIT!!!! And also on Feb. 15 is the return of Sacramento power pop band BOATS! with local guests Greenback High, Tough Age, and The Living Deadbeats at Funky’s. Fun, fun, fun!!!

One of our favourites, Shockload, has a show coming up on Friday, Feb. 21 at LanaLous with Ellesmere and Remember Lite-Brite? Also on the 21st is Anchoress with Hopeleus, Witch of the Waste, Dig Your Graves & Craters at The Astoria Pub. Pick your pain, pick your pleasure or stay home and pick your nose.

And another heavy rockin’ show at the Rickshaw on Saturday, Feb. 22. Bison w/ Grass City and Sumner Brothers are going to mop the floor clean with your sweat.

Another local promoter adding to the scene is Art Signified. In Jan, they presented 10 band lineups at the Astoria. On Friday, Feb. 28, they are presenting a musically impressive lineup with

What’s Wrong Tohei?, Man Your Horse, Pink/Brown & Subtle Like A T-Rex at The Railway Club. Man Your Horse will make you forget your jaw on the floor.

Feb. 28 also marks the return of industrial overlords Skinny Puppy at the Commodore. Tickets ain’t cheap – around $50.

That’s all folks. Drop us a line here: skinnywallofsound@gmail.com

Compiled by Tanya Van and Rene Milord

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