fountain_repeatingWHAT’S IN THE WATER IN VICTORIA?

Eternal youth; a fresh, babbling brook; the source of all inspiration; God; all these things are evoked by the word fountain. Fittingly, the band Fountain is a fresh, new band from Victoria carving out a niche in a tight-knit scene that has already produced breakout bands like Freak Heat Waves, Babysitter and Slam Dunk.

Formed from previous projects Le Rat, Horse Girls and Kingdom Cloud, Fountain is a clean slate – renewed by the waters of creativity. Guitarist/singer Evan Jeffery expands: “I don’t think the previous bands really have too much to do with what we’re doing now. We all really liked each other’s bands so starting a band together seemed like a natural fit.”

Natural indeed. Their first release, a cassette eponymously titled Fountain, is a fluid collection of arty, sometimes oddball, post-rock canticles. Pouring forth with vitality, the tape is urgent, earnest and important. I asked the band how they achieve such a warm, jangly sound reminiscent of Wire and Women: “Music Man amps are more vital to our band than any of the actual people in the band,” replied Jeffery with a laugh.

The key might also lie with their “spiritual guru” Robert DiNinno. When I asked the band who they would die to record with, DiNinno’s name was listed next to the likes of Portishead’s Geoff Barrow, Conny Plank and Phil Elverum, Also on the wishlist is Scott “Monty” Munro of Viet Cong, who are another good reference point. That same uncanny knack for blending catchy pop melodies with intense punk rhythms exists here.

Maybe it’s being surrounded by water. The music glistens like waves reflecting sunlight onto an Oak Bay rowboat. It’s rugged like the sandstone outcrops of Mount Doug. It’s quirky like the little city itself. Then again, maybe not according to Jeffery. “I wouldn’t really say Victoria as a city has influenced our sound at all, but we definitely have a ton of respect and love for a lot of the bands here”.

The band recently purchased a reel-to-reel tape machine and is looking to record their second tape (the first one is a split with Montreal band She’s), and tour across Canada in the summer. Being the covetous Vancouverite that I am, I asked the inevitable “so when are you guys moving here” question asked of every Vic band since Hot Hot Heat: “Not anytime soon but we wanna come over and play shows more often. Somebody book us a show at Red Gate!” We’re on it.

Listen to Fountain’s cassette from their Bandcamp below. 

By Sean Orr

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