MistressSashaMizaree-dungeon-7217-mWITH MISTRESS SASHA MIZAREE

While BeatRoute typically focuses on the arts in the sense of music and performance, there is another more unusual and erotic type of artistry that appeals to desire, sensuality, and intimacy – if not straight up kinkiness. Mistress Sasha Mizaree is a local dominatrix, stripper, porn star, model, masseuse and more. The fem dom craft is a mash up of style, role-play acting, choreography, sexual prowess and a feminine confidence that is both alluring and intimidating. After being in business full time for the past five months, as well as years of experience and experiments, Mistress Sasha chatted with us about her very kinky day job.

BeatRoute: What is your background and training?

Mistress Sasha: I used to be a stripper and I’ve done a lot of different things including modelling full time. I did some video work and whatnot, for those interested in adult video, which is what I’m doing right now.

BR: How did you get into the dominatrix craft?

MS: I’ve wanted to do dominatrix since I was 16, but I didn’t have the guts to make it a financial thing. For the longest time I thought I could only do it in places like New York, but then I found out there are girls who do it here and it can be a real career for people. I met someone who helped me get what I needed and it turned out really great. I’m self-taught, I didn’t know anything in terms of the deep sexual level, I’d never done an actual full-on scene, I’d only played around casually. So yeah, it came really naturally. It was all kind surreal in a good way.

MistressSashaMizaree-dungeon-7219-m2BR: Is there a large community of dominatrices in Vancouver?

MS: For sure! The people I work with and are connected to, the local doms are on, the girls that are in that videos live in town and are professional doms, that’s their full-time living. The guy that started it is in a lot of my work as well, that’s the community in general.

BR: What are the most popular services people book with you?

MS: Vanilla offerings I get a lot of. Most doms don’t offer toy shows like I do; I have a different clientele. My top three requests are anal, golden shower and tease and denial.

BR: What’s your favourite outfit & persona?

MS: I have a couple. I don’t necessarily stick to one, or stick to the super-strict “must wear latex all the time” thing. I do enjoy lace and leather quite a bit. I like boots and heels — the taller the better — but they must be comfortable. My other side is a classy black dress posh persona. I don’t really have a persona persona, but I tend to be provocative.

BR: Are you expecting a rush of business for Valentine’s Day?

MS: I have only been open full time for five months so I have no idea yet, but I sure hope so! I also hope that when 50 Shades of Grey comes out, around this time next year, I’ll see a bunch of new clients.

BR: Where would you recommend people to start if they were looking to ‘spice things up’ in their sex life?

MS: Coming to me would be a great start. I can go from mild to wild. It doesn’t have to be extreme, it can be as simple as one partner gets taught to do certain things on the other, I don’t do it myself but couples can have sex in my dungeon, that’s fine. They can even sort of be dominated by me doing something that the other partner wouldn’t do.

MistressSashaMizaree-dungeon1-7203-mBR: How much of your craft is mental vs. physical?

MS: That really depends on the clients, mostly I say it’s 70 per cent mental and 30 per cent physical, but it is quite a physical job too. That’s why people go to me as opposed to an escort; it’s that mental stimulation.

BR: What makes you feel sexiest in your own personal life?

MS: When I feel that I’m doing it for me. When I feel like I am doing great and succeeding in my personal goals and things are moving forward, self-actualization. When I feel the best in general, that’s when I feel the sexiest.

Mistress Sasha can be found at

By Jessica Brodeur
Photos: Carnal Cinema

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