If I had to sum up Brooklyn bass and drum outfit NØMADS in a three words, they would be 1990s Touch and Go. While the two-piece has been all the rage since Death from Above 1979 broke up — pardon, reformed — this is the concept at its most stripped and straightforward. On Free My Animal, there are echoes of acts on record labels such as the aforementioned Touch and Go, Dischord and Sub Pop. All the more surprising is that this amount of darkness, distortion and testosterone comes from the members of bedroom folk act, Inlets. If there’s one flaw on Free My Animal, it’s that the production can make the entire offering sound like a slowed down Queens of the Stone Age jam. To some listeners, however, that will be a definite plus. While the current trend is to eagerly take on British interpretations of post-punk, NØMADS have their feet firmly planted somewhere in the American Midwest, in a dank, dark, dungeon of a music venue.

By Spencer Brown

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