Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, Reese Donohue and Christopher Prudhomme have been creating catchy cuts that fall into the psych-pop genre for over a decade. The cousins’ method for producing their sunny sound is unique, with Donohue initiating a short looping beat that Prudhomme adds a memorable vocal melody to. They then piece together a song by bouncing it back and forth between each other online until the track is complete. The result is numerous toe-tapping jams that belong on any psychedelic indie dance floor alongside MGMT, of Montreal and STRFKR.

Forever is the band’s first full-length album that follows the success of their 2011 EP, Canopy. Their sound has evolved tremendously by staying true to a classic pop sound, but weaving in a colourful, modern electronic structure. The lyrics are charming, but slightly one-dimensional — “Wondering about what you could be/Thinking about myself too much/I can see that I don’t know what to be.”

Listening to the album the first few times, all songs blend together into one Technicolor, dreamy soundscape, but after a few more plays, tracks such as “Here It Comes,”“Forever” and “Carousel” stand out. Forever is blissfully buoyant and delivers the catchiness that psych-pop promises, but it won’t necessarily be on listeners’ minds forever as a standout album in the genre.

By Kayla Beattie

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