In their short time as a band, Temples have garnered considerable attention across the pond, including praise from the likes of Johnny Marr (The Smiths) and Noel Gallagher (Oasis). Their debut on London-based indie label, Heavenly Recordings, includes the four singles they have released over the past year along with eight new tracks. This act from Kettering wears their affection for ‘60s psychedelia on their proverbial sleeves as echoes of The Beatles, The Byrds and, especially, Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd can be heard at various points throughout Sun Structures. Thankfully, Temples wisely approach retro aesthetics with modern sensibilities, avoiding blatant mimicry which tends to be a stumbling point for many bands with such a love for the halcyon sounds of rock ’n’ roll.

More straightforward than Tame Impala and certainly less experimental than The Flaming Lips, Temples go for a more direct approach, crafting a tasty selection of swirling, kaleidoscopic pop songs. From the start, Temples deliver the goods with “Shelter Song,” a jangly gem complete with tambourine shakes and keyboard flourishes. “Mesmerise” thunders along on an unforgettably catchy guitar lick and chorus while “Colours to Life” creates a sense of weightless bliss with its hushed verses and tastefully executed multi-tracked vocals. A young band at peak form, Temples have delivered a promising debut.

By James Olson

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