If you have chance to drive out to the middle of nowhere, lay under a starry night sky and listen to music, this is the album you should take with you. The eponymous debut album by The Royal Oui is romantically noir,  possessing a sense of restrained yearning.

Hauntingly wrapped around acoustic guitar playing, with a few embellishments from other instruments, the combined vocals of Ari Shine and Adrienne Pierce are so beautifully well-blended that they almost become one voice. Their music feels intimate, vulnerable, young, sweet, naïve and open-hearted. The song, “Don’t You Think That I,” stands out as having its own unique ache to it — “You say you don’t think that’s the way I’m made/Don’t you think that I could change the way you feel about me?”

There’s a big difference between music that is anemic and idyllic, and this album is beautiful example of the latter. It is warm, and full of soft but vibrant sonic colours. It feels like a living, breathing creature that has no choice but to bare its soul, believe in magic and see beauty in the world, because it can’t live any other way.

By Holly Burton

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