Edmonton’s legendary, frantic dance rock band, The Wet Secrets, currently hold the honour of writing one of the “Top 20 Songs of the 2000s” as named by Grant Lawrence of CBC Radio 3. After six years’ semi-hiatus, The Wet Secrets release their third album, Free Candy. Keep this within arm’s reach: full of primal-rock jams, it will become your new go-to party album. If you’re not one to party, this album can also be enjoyed over wine with loved ones or as the soundtrack to a romantic book. But safety is not guaranteed, as these infectious grooves will definitely make you want to dance.

Clocking in at 45 minutes long with 11 songs, this album can only be described as brilliantly crafted. The vibrancy of the tracks is reinforced by the smooth, short transition times between them. With distinctive instrumental notes and in-your-face vocals, Free Candy is catchy, unforgettable, and leaves you wanting more.

By Callie Modeland

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