Teledrome has a sound that is well known and beloved to most Calgarians in the music scene. Now, after much anticipation, Teledrome is set to release their debut LP this month via Mammoth Cave Records. The enticing mixture that combines the styles of new wave punk, goth and electronic sounds is beautifully mastered by Ryan Sadler, the band’s leader. “I like to call it power-goth,” Sadler says, coining a term fitting to the new self-titled album.

Sadler does the writing and recording for Teledrome, and members of the band are an extension of his vision. The style is unconventional, but it works perfectly for the futuristic and emotional delivery of the synth heavy production. Sadler’s originality allows audiences to have an experience that is unforgettable, whether you’re watching the entire band live, or you’re listening to the album in a less inspiring atmosphere. The music tells a story from another time, forcing listeners to experience something that is original and moving.

When asked about being a bit of a black sheep, Sadler comments, “It’s fun to do something different and see how people react to it.” Teledrome have a sound and style that is hard to pin down in one or two words — it’s something that you have to hear to understand, a mix between the Spits and Gary Newman, as Mammoth Cave founder, Paul Lawton, put it.

The new Teledrome LP is currently available for pre-order through the Mammoth Cave website and will be available in stores by mid-February. When asked about the process that Sadler took to writing the album, he comments that it was a lengthy one, but at least he acknowledges, with brash honesty, that there was some procrastination involved. “It took a long time to record, but it was worth it. When I was writing this stuff —almost two years ago — it would always start with a beat. Music always comes first, that’s what inspires the lyrics.” The dark and moody lyrics written by Sadler come organically from the creation of the music. While listening to the album, you can hear the patience and consistency that Sadler employed in writing both the lyrics and the music.

I also had the pleasure of talking to Evan Van Reekum, the guitarist in the live band for Teledrome. “I’ve always looked up to Ryan and respected his abilities in song writing and recording. I’m honestly pretty honoured to be a part of Teledrome.” Reekum, a talented musician best known for his work in Fist City, speaks passionately about the time that he has spent with Teledrome so far. It’s a project that Reekum is very excited about, commenting that working with the band is a dream. When asked about having a different sound than most other Calgary bands, he replies, “You know, it’s not so much about what genre of music you make, it’s about the sincerity people hear.” The sincerity in Teledrome’s sound is apparent from the first notes. These artists play for themselves and hope that an audience will react.

“You just have to be willing to work hard and do your own thing.” Both Van Reekum and Sadler agree that this is paramount when reflecting on their experiences in music. The group has made waves on the Calgary scene and beyond by working hard and being consistent.

Teledrome has made musical experiences for its audiences and the talent of Sadler has led to the creation of an exciting and emotive album that is a must-need for any eccentric collection.

Teledrome’s self-titled LP is currently available for pre-order online at Mammoth Cave Records and will be available in stores Feb. 18. 

By Brittany Lahure

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