Sam Avant, one-half of Calgary’s Obey the Crooks, has ventured out on his own. Internet Evening basks in all the trappings of a bedroom project, sauntering in with medium-fidelity electronics and lower-register vocals, meticulous beats, slow-building synths and an omnipresent softness of character. Don’t scoff at that last part, it’s important – Beach Season effectively bridges the gap between sultry soul and tranquil chillwave and, while Avant is not the first to have done so, he has crafted something of an apex for laptop R&B.

Everything here, and I mean everything, has a smooth sort of glide like the first moments of one drink too many, outwardly relaxed while all the exciting possibilities mash together in an overcast imagination. Put another way, Avant comes across as pretty cool but not too cool to let his eyes sparkle a bit. The album’s demeanour quickly turns infectious. Avant is a great singer but also an outstanding producer, as the album’s instrumental tracks prove. “Evenings” moves from placid lounge-pop to falsetto-laden, ketamine R&B, complete with warbling auto-harmonies and subtly looped vocal samples. Like “Paris,” “Evenings” revolves around a single phrase repeated and altered, and for all it’s worth, “The Internet” most definitely contains a sample of Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Fun stuff.

By John Julius

One response to “BEACH SEASON

  1. I heard this on CJSW today. Reminds me of Flume, Teen Daze, Thievery, Washed Out etc etc, who I all really like but I really like the Hip/Hop infusion, and I don’t even like Hip/Hop

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