Perhaps best known for his co-frontman duties in The Raconteurs, Brendan Benson has built himself a solid reputation as a stalwart of Nashville indie rock. Packed to the nines with slide guitars and tasty fuzz, Benson has opted to stick with what he knows on You Were Right, but it’s hard to cry foul when the songs are this good. The singer’s mannerisms split the difference between Jack White’s almost-conversational lyrical carriage to Robert Pollard’s lackadaisical delivery but despite the similarities, Benson has formed a unique voice among today’s crowd of cerebral songwriters.

Fans of Benson’s previous outings will recognize most of what he’s brought to the table. Comfort is king, as the saying goes, and You Were Right feels at ease from start to finish. “Diamond” recalls the bouncy alt-country of early Wilco, sifting through folk cliché to find inextricable melodies. “Purely Automatic” hurries along with staccato quarter-note chords, paying aural homage to ‘60s pop acts during the verses while maintaining a powerful group dynamic via cooperative guitar fills and laid-back keys. Most of the songs feature four chords delivered humbly. Most of the songs clock in at just less than three minutes. Most of the songs will get stuck in your head for at least an afternoon. What more could you ask for?

By John Julius

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