When you truly connect with an artist or album, do you ever get that butterfly feeling at the top of your stomach and in your chest, making you feel like you’re going to explode? That’s the feeling that Lyla Foy’s enchanting work on Mirrors the Sky elicits within this listener.

Foy’s sweet sound can be categorized as chillwave and bedroom rock, layering lots of bass, simple drum patterns, devilish keyboard riffs and engaging melodies. The entire album is infectious and shows an understanding of the diversity needed to make a release in this genre truly special. The London songstress originally operated under the moniker WALL, releasing the EP Shoestring in 2013. Adorning Mirrors the Sky with her given name, Foy showcases an original sound that encompasses both genuine innocence and strong self-awareness.

The album boasts standout tracks, such as “Impossible” and “Only Human,” but every track is beautifully produced and worth listening to. Foy’s lyrics are mesmerizing in combination with a haunting soundscape, making Mirrors the Sky a must listen for all music lovers who enjoy beautiful, soft tunes and superb musical styling.

By Kayla Beattie

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