Last-Call-Garage-Bar---Lucas-Chaisson-019LAST CALL GARAGE BAR – FEBRUARY 16, 2014

Last Call Garage bar is the brainchild of Jessica Marsh (who is a talented country singer-songwriter and an active member of the music industry and community in Alberta) and husband and wife duo Peter Stone and Denise MacKay (of the band 100 Mile House, nominated for four 2014 Edmonton Music Awards).

This show was Last Call Garage Bar’s first official show and served as the opening of the venue’s Hangover Series, four monthly Sunday early evening shows.

Their venue is a garage converted to quaint listening room, complete with a built-in bar, vintage sofas, and candle-lit tables and chairs. Guests enjoyed popcorn and two complementary brews courtesy of Yellowhead Brewery during the three sets of the evening.

Last-Call-Garage-Bar---Lucas-Chaisson-085The bubbly and talented contemporary folk artist Kaley Bird stepped up last minute and opened the evening with a short set. Her strengths lie in her flawless voice and her creative approach to songwriting. She just released an album in January of this year (Don’t Say You’re Sorry) and played many tunes off that release, including one that is about moving away and missing Edmonton. After singing a touching ballad she wrote for a friend who passed away, she noted that, although her set was not the happiest, that she would be playing songs that weren’t as sad. One of these included “Happy Birthday,” a humorous song about Facebook reminding you to wish a happy birthday to those on your friends list that you didn’t particularly want on your friends list.

Lucas Chaisson played the two remaining sets of the evening and it was truly a treat to watch him play in such an intimate setting. His music can be classified as folk rock, blues and soul, combining them for a style that is all his own. Chaisson explained that he recently moved to Edmonton from Calgary as he stood on the little plywood stage behind a buffet of pedals and alongside two guitars. His stage banter was charming and made me chuckle throughout the evening (at one point he compared the blowing heat of the garage heater to skydiving to the sun). He opened his set with “My Lover and My Ghost,” a song that describes a situation that many know too well, using a creative metaphor and well-crafted lyrics. His skillful guitar playing blew me away — let me tell you, it was finger pickin’ good.

By Jenna Lee Williams
Photos: Detour Photography 

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