Windigo’s feathery mixture of indie pop/rock attracted a hipster crowd to fill the dancefloor at Broken City on Friday night. Anthony Kameka (vox/guitar), Chris Burynuik (guitar), Mitch Cooper (drums) and the enchanting vocals of the lead singer and bassist, Jen Severtson, wooed the audience so much that, about 20 minutes into their set, a man fainted in the middle of the crowd. However, he was back on his feet moments later and the show carried on. Windigo’s light, star-struck tones transported us to the coast of California, soaking in the sun then watching it set, a refreshing escape from the seemingly endless Calgary winter.

Each talented band occupying the stage attracted a different crowd, as each set brought forward new faces. As the crowd rotated, the universally inspired and the truly one-of-a-kind SAVK stole the middle slot. Putting any label on these guys is literally impossible: ranging from crunchy alternative rock to a soaring indie folk, SAVK is determined to keep us on our toes. Raw, uninterrupted and soothing, harmonizing vocals, guitar riffs, bass-y clashes and lyrics sustained the attention at this entranced, not so social club. Swaying this way and that, the relaxed crowd went crazy as they finished their set.

Some save the best for last, but with this line-up, it was more along the lines of going out with a bang. The headlining Scenic Route to Alaska kicked off with alternative beats, breaking hearts and stitching them back together with a deep-rooted hope. A warm, homey air lingered, paralyzing any negative emotion. The unique, raspy vocals of Trevor Mann complimented the simplistic melodies, bringing them to life, proving less is more. The interactive trio kept the crowd entertained and even gave us a preview of “Every Year or So,” their latest track, which is to be released in June. Pushing through until just before 2 a.m. with cheers louder than the last, this was a stellar show that I hope no one missed.

By Paige Paquette
Photos by Kayla Beattie

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