Yuna by Carmela Akiatan


The day after Valentine’s Day, Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna made her way to Vancouver. The much-anticipated show, which was initially supposed to take place in January, was pulsating with energy. The sold out show at the Media Club was truly an event not to be missed. Whether or not you went to the show with a significant other, Yuna’s set reinforced everyone’s desire for heartbreaking songs of loss and euphoric tales of love and passion.

She came out looking flawless in a sequinned cardigan, ready to dazzle the crowd, who from the start of her set knew every single lyric. “Lullabies” prompted the most genuine response, which included everyone whipping out their smart phones to capture the essence of Yuna.

Judging from this performance, Yuna is sure to become a household name in the very near future, ready to melt the hearts of good music lovers everywhere. If you want a piece of what Vancouver was lucky enough to witness in February, check out her latest album Nocturnal, which came out last Fall, and bask in Yuna’s greatness.

By Betty Fikre Mariam
Photos by Carmela Akiatan

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