Guitar icon Zakk Wylde generally isn’t known for his work outside of traditional heavy metal. However, the man with a penchant for pinch harmonics recently has done his best to make people think otherwise. That much was certain when he brought his recent acoustic tour to Flames Central, which was completely packed on a chilly, ominous Tuesday night.
Drawing in a crowd that carried with it all the charm of a monster truck rally, Wylde – with the help of some Black Label Society members – drifted through a set that was mostly comprised of his own songs, with a couple covers thrown in to the mix (Bill Withers, Neil Young). Unfortunately, there was a severe lack of any material from his Ozzy Osbourne days, robbing the seated crowd of a chance to sway along to some of the best ‘80s and ‘90s ballads in existence.
ZWKeepEdited1That, combined with the overall mellow vibe and an audience that looked like they had all crawled out from individual bar brawls before getting to the venue, created a show atmosphere that was all but forgettable. The highlight, of course, was Wylde’s raucous personality shining through between songs. The way the man tells stories and interacts with the crowd – which sounds something akin to Jeff Boomhauer from King of the Hill – is world class and, at least at some point, should warrant him some sort of TV deal in the future. Until then, we can only hope that Wylde will soon pick up his mighty Les Paul again and continue to do what he does best.

By Brandon McNeil
Photos by Brandon McNeil

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