There’s something very primal about the latest album from Bend Sinister, Vancouver’s running champions of keyboard driven rock ‘n’ roll anthems. The new album, Animals, has been highly anticipated and the band is finally ready to let their new beast out of its cage.

Animals has some of the fastest and most technically difficult playing we’ve written. At the same time we like to keep things in the confines of a pop or rock song,” says guitarist Joseph Blood. “I guess we strive to find a balance between classic songwriting and challenging ourselves technically.”

With a couple singles already preying the online world, they seem more than ready to emerge from the lush Vancouver forest and take a bite out of life. The guys have played back to back years of Calgary’s Sled Island Music and Arts Festival, Squamish and Olio Festivals in BC and are going down to Austin this month to unleash their latest rock opus at the Music BC SXSW showcase. After a chance encounter with two-time Grammy nominated producer Joe Marlett, the band ended up deciding to record in California over the course of two weeks and about 500 tacos.

“We splurged on Animals a little bit by going down to San Diego to record but that ended up being the best part,” Blood says. “It was nice to spend two weeks focusing on nothing but the album. We spent every day all day in the studio with none of the distractions of home.”

BendSinister_02By being so wickedly talented at morphing genres, Bend Sinister have a song for every fan and with each blistering track on Animals, it seems the boys are quickly earning their stripes in the musical jungle.

We want to make really fun unpretentious music that makes us laugh. We did try to make a bit of a heavier album with Animals and get a little more into the heavy B3 (organ) sounds,” Blood says. “I think though, that this album is an extension of where we were going with Small Fame. We were all able to really get involved in the writing process.”

Frontman Dan Moxon’s electrifying and soulful voice is held high by the dynamic group of dudes who wail on beside him. To say these gents play their instruments would be an understatement – they destroy their instruments. After a Bend Sinister live performance, you’ll wonder how on earth the stage is even still standing.

If you’re eager for a peak and love taxidermy, grunge rococo, and four handsome dudes with long hair, then watch the video for their new single “Teacher.” The first single off the album speaks volumes about the heart and hardships that went into its creation.

“[The tough part is] getting older and still being a broke dirtball. I guess it’s trying to balance the things you want to have at home like a house and a partner along with living on the road and being away from those things all the time,” Blood says.

As for their touring and album success, they are still ultimately rooted in having fun doing what they love.

“We want people to have fun with it. We’re a big loud goofy rock and roll band and we want people to enjoy that. We have a lot of fun playing and we hope that comes across both on the record and through our live shows.”

Bend Sinister is unleashing Animals via File Under: Music on March 11.

By Kristie Sparksman

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