The newest from Mogwai fills our terminal electrocution of Earth with the afterlife soul of heady, melodic riffs. Escapades through oneiric glory launch sky high in this anticipated latest in the well-pronounced career of one of the freshest rock sounds out there. Deliberate rhythms set a mature pace from the first break on, as a vibrant mural in the historic illustration of rock groove. Rave Tapes is multi-coloured, living creation of new instrumental music.

The second track spirals outward from the traditional post-rock sound towards a heavier, more staccato, stoner drone, buzzing as an overcast horizon, falling and rising above luring, sonic mountains ahead. Triumphant drum-kit percussion angles in a geometric fade throughout the backbeat graces of the third track, “Remurdered,” offering a staggering open-road mood, propped up by a single steady beat throughout, alternating between live and electronic rhythms. The growing escalation of sonic vibrations glide atop gusts of atmospheric guitar, all held down by a synthesizer’s precision-work. And as flight rocks to an apex, the grounding pressures of Hexon Bogon strengthen the upright backbone of rock traditions, reanimated with each step towards absolution.

Then, in mid-album, “Repelish” serves as a narrative embellishment on the theme of rock history, recollecting the animist mind of instrumental rock over the vocal disillusionments of rock nostalgia. Mogwai remains as thoughtful and straight-up original as ever, leading the way through a mindful stare into the third eye of a new global music.

By Matt Hanson

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