The second album under the Sam Roberts Band moniker proves that the band is continuing to broaden their horizons, blasting off from their stellar and steady Collider to today’s dreamier dance rock on Lo-Fantasy. Loaded with poptimism, Sam Roberts and his band deliver a smorgasbord of easy-to-swallow, sunshine-worthy songs.

Longtime fans of Roberts may be slightly disappointed by the newfound (and ever POPular) sound taken on by the band, but hey — artists must shed skin and grow, avoiding bridges to nowhere. Songs such as “Human Heat” and the single, “We’re All In This Together,” embrace a forward rock drive for those fanatics who crave familiarity.

The album hops from “Shapeshifters,” laden with darker lyrics sewn to a “Get Lucky”-like beat, to a Tears-for-Fears-esque “Hands of Love.” “Too Far” then takes us to a Valium-bouncy, reggae-infused state, echoing more ’80s synth. “Chasing the Light” could very well become the quintessence of summer ’14, while “Golden Hour,” a personal favourite, mirrors something of a velvety ’90s slow jam. “Metal Skin” encompasses a quit-your-day-job motif wrapped in a Blondie blanket that makes you want to “run with the animals.”

Suckers for synthgasms and body-swaying tunes must check out the latest from our fellow Canadian pals on Lo-Fantasy.

By Shayla Friesen

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