Victimized, applauded, damaged and vulnerable — these are a few of the words that flood the mind when taking in the unmissable, artistically revealing album cover for Sky Ferreira’s Night Time, My Time. Posing topless, drenched in liquid and makeup smudged, displaying her soul in a green-tinted tile shower, Sky reveals exactly how heavy her new collaboration is.

Night Time, My Time ranges from a grungy electro-punk rock to feathery hypnosis in “Love in Stereo.” After listening to a couple songs, it’s clear that Sky doesn’t like to stick to one genre for very long. Catchy innocence was the focal point of her first album, As If!, which morphed into the lost-soul stereotype dominating her second album, Ghost. Now it’s clear that the mother of the other two albums is Night Time, My Time, which teaches the others exactly how it’s done.

Beginning with a bubbly conjecture regarding the male population, the record finishes with the title track. We are immersed in a very cryptic sound with heavy bass, guiding us on a walk through a twisted world. In between, you can throw on your tight leather pants and dance under some falling glitter in her modern classic “Heavy Metal Heart.” The lyrics in “I Blame Myself” imply some regrets throughout her career path, although her authenticity is not something to apologize for. From beginning to end, Sky’s voice is dripping with raw emotion, pushing her vocals past their limit. It’s become quite obvious that Sky is taking control of her career — you’re either coming along for the ride or running to avoid getting trampled.

By Paige Paquette

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