This year’s Vancouver International Dance Festival, running from March 7 to 29, will truly have something for everyone. Perhaps the most unexpected collaboration will be between Kokoro Dance company and Spring, the local group formerly known as the SSRIs! They will be giving a festival preview performance on March 2 at Lonsdale Quay, and subsequently ‘exploring sound and movement’ in two Butoh-inspired performances at the Woodward’s Atrium and the Roundhouse Turntable Plaza. The performance will actually be a family affair, as band member Joseph Hirabayashi is the son of choreographers Jay Hirabayashi and Barbara Bourget.

Senvoler_MontrealDanse_CreationCafeine_photoBenPhilippi2Other notable performances include Structure Tone, which is put on by Modus Operandi, a new initiative of dance company Out Innerspace. It aims to provide an environment for emerging young artists to push the limits of modern dance. Veteran performer and choreographer Tedd Robinson will also be presenting Room With Sticks, which will draw upon the choreographer’s six years in a Zen monastery with nature sounds, sculptural elements, and ‘movement in and out of balance’. Also of interest are 605 Collective’s performances Leftovers and Cella, which feature their unique style fusing urban moves and contemporary dance.

To the relief of the many broke people in Vancouver, the festival will have plenty of options for free and dirt cheap. There will be performances at the Vancouver Playhouse, and at both stages – the Exhibition Hall and the Performance Centre – of the Roundhouse at Davie and Pacific Boulevard. Throughout the festival there will be free afternoon performances outside on the Roundhouse Turntable Plaza. For just a single $3 membership, you will also get access to all of the 7 p.m. Roundhouse shows. If you’re looking to soak up some local arts and culture on the cheap, there will be no shortage of fun dates and activities next month.

The Vancouver International Dance Festival takes place March 7 to 9 at various venues around Vancouver. For more information visit

By Genevieve Michaels
Photos: Stephane Najman (top), Ben Philippi (middle)

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