Arteries---Tolerance-Time---image-courtesy-Michael-JonesCHRISTINE KLASSEN GALLERY AND STRIDE HAVE GRAND REOPENINGS

Stride and Christine Klassen Gallery are both wonderful art venues that we’ve been missing a bit as of late, but now they are both happily announcing their official new locations. It’s a great time to go and check them out, so here’s what they’ve got going on.

Before the flood, Stride was located at 1004 Macleod Trail S, and then they moved in temporarily with Truck Gallery at a space in Sunalta. Now, they’ve moved back, not quite to that location, but next door! So now it’s at 1006 (previously Frocks dress shop), which is even nicer, with two massive symmetrical front windows (and a better bathroom, I hear). Their first exhibition there is “Tolerance Time,” by Michael Jones, which revolves around ideas of post-9/11 multicultural relations. The title is strange though, because I feel like it first points to this settling-in phase and that brief pause when things are about to start moving forward. Anyways, it sounds like quite an interesting show to visit, featuring the state-sponsored Vancouver Multicultural Society’s offices located in a Victorian heritage building in their Fairview district, as the artist poses whether the idea of multiculturalism has become antiquated. In a scripted film, a rock is tossed to smash a window and then he appears playing the role of a policeman investigating, who becomes absorbed by explorations of this house, which contains a wide spectrum of materials in favour of multiculturalism. Jones currently lives in Vancouver, but got his BFA at ACAD in Media Arts and Digital Technology, followed by an MFA at Slade School of Fine Art in London, England.

Christien Klassen Gallery is a commercial venue, and was located on 11th Avenue SW, also known as the Design District. It wasn’t flooded, but like many other places, had to move after and is located in more of a warehouse-style location at 321 50 Ave. SE, in the Manchester Industrial Area, to make it now one of the largest commercial galleries. This also sounds like a great exhibition to get to know what kind of work they’re into. It’s going by the title “The Shop Show” and features multiple artists: Karrie Arthurs, Paul Ecke, Madeleine Lamont, Ulrich Panzer, Michael Schreiner, Sarah Fuller and France Jodoin. Photography, sculpture, painting, and printmaking will be represented. This location also has a huge amount of parking.

By Cait Lepla
Photo: Courtesy Michael Jones

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