On the newest LP from Los Lonely Boys, the trio of brothers opens with a down-home, Lone Star swing, with cowbell keeping the rhythm sharp over that iconic drawl. Lyrics impress with the revelatory stylistic diversity exhibited in this stupendous masterwork of an album. After a more traditional Texan opening, the Garza Boys groove on some real sound reggae magic in “Give a Little More.” With lyrics imbued with expression and meaning, a band has never exuded such heart-rich sincerity through so many different musical modes. The band’s full sound features everyone as a thrilling singer, each with a unique vocal sound. Jojo (bass), Henry (guitar) and Ringo (drums) all exhibit a fantastic sonic spectrum together rarely heard in the trio context. All in all, the band offers a clear and direct hit into the soul, in step with the heartbeat of any open listener.

“We want to make music that reveals something to people about their lives and their world,” says Jojo, referring to the album’s nominal inspiration. The Boys also drew from a reputable mix of co-writers, Radney Foster and Matthew Gerrard, to name a couple, collaborating liberally to create the exceptionally original grab heard on Revelation. Released on the band’s own label, the album’s release also celebrates the recent healthful recovery of the Boys’ guitarist, Henry Garza. The brothers will be seen around the world starting in Maui, Hawaii before commencing on a tour that includes Japan, and nearly 50 dates throughout the US, ending August 9. Whether a longtime fan, or with newfound interest in an upstanding and genuine American family band, the Revelation LP, and the Los Lonely Boys 2014 tour, are not to be missed.

By Matt Hanson

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