SUBCULTURE_snfu-tape_ByCatAshbeewendy13-e13413739727751As I fend off another Facebooker that’s totally revved because I type in caps lock on social media, I almost have to laugh at the absurdity of their outrage … When you can’t even scroll down the news feed on any given day without being blasted in the face with real world issues, how is something as petty as supposed Internet etiquette important? I always use the same reason when someone asks me why I use caps lock. The answer: simply because I like the way it looks. When I started writing for BeatRoute about two years ago I submitted in caps lock much to the editor’s chagrin, but have now come around to do my own editing for them… I’m typing this column right now in caps lock. When I’m done, I’ll simply highlight, click format and select sentence case.

Now I’m really not a bleeding-heart style activist but I am empathetic about a lot that goes on in this world … If I thought for one minute that not watching any of the Olympics would change madman Putin’s 2014 stance on gay rights, I would have done it … I’m not even sure if I’m going to run for politics this year because it seems useless … What is the point of having a level-headed approach to how a government needs to work, if people who agree with you aren’t even going to flex their right to cast a vote or that the rest of the people have such apathy that they’d rather strategically vote for the lesser of two evils … Change will never happen with that mindset.

I have a lot of non-status quo approaches to issues … For instance, this would probably get me deleted by Chris Walter on Facebook if I posted it there, which I will, so here it goes … I guess what I’m saying will be more of a provincial or federal issue … Instead of throwing more money and resources at addiction issues, why not start with the criminal justice system in the form of detox incarceration …

I realize no one sets out in life to become an addict, but where does society draw the line with personal responsibility? I find it outrageous that one addict can have almost 500 criminal cases either dismissed or pending from crimes used to fund their addiction … Take just one of Harper’s super jails and turn it into a detox centre … For all the human rights screamers, what the hell is wrong with getting an addict healthy and clean? In no way, shape, or form does someone with that many drug-fueled infractions need to be just rolled back out to commit more … Only winners in that scenario are fat cat insurance companies, the dope-selling kingpins and the do-gooder poverty pimps … I guess in a way it also fuels the way for more unnecessary funding of the justice system … Endless cycle …

What does this have to do with music? I guess it touches it in a way with the fact that I’ve shared way too many social media stories of musical gear theft … I’ve also facilitated a lot of benefits for the crime victims … Endless circle.

So here’s a music tidbit … It looks like SNFU has totally revamped an old skool touring lineup for the upcoming European leg … Wild times afoot for sure with Dirty Kurt, Adrian White, and a couple of other seasoned vets. I’m sure that will be an SNFU fans dream sound emanating from those stages …

By wendythirteen
Photo: Cat Ashbee

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