Do you remember the 1950s? When rock and roll was safe? Sock hops were parental approved. Smartly dressed keeners who were too shy to ask the dames to dance. Clutchy next door Sallys hanging on to their virginity. Do you? No? Well The Binz don’t either.

This city! So obsessed with radio warriors, crusty punkers and neo-heavy metal superstars. A city starved of pure rock fury that it makes a person ask: “Where is the rock these days? On Granville Street with the Nickelback wannabes?” Nope, not a chance – true rock prevails elsewhere and straight out of the gutter and into the night and The Binz are proof of that. They may just be the most dangerous and unhinged band in this city. Who knows, but with rock music being a lost art, The Binz are bringing it to the front. Full on crotch-thrusting, ball-grabbing manic tunes – down and dirty as it should be.  However, it’s not as if they planned this rock and roll extravaganza.

“There was never a set sound that we were striving for. The songs just sort of turned out the way they did. We try and have a lot of variation,” so says guitar man and lead vocalist Gary Robertz. “Me and Rob grew up listening to more punk rock music. We come from that line of thinking. Murder City Devils, NoMeansNo and Dead Kennedys. Brian is into a lot of those bands as well, but he also digs a lot of rock music. Richard is Australian so obviously he mainly listens to didgeridoo music and AC/DC. As a group, we all really like Fugazi. Hot Snakes gets played a lot when we are driving to gigs.” That would be Rob Mangelzdorf the bass player, Brian Hughez the guitarist and Richard Melroze the drummer.

So there you have it. Do you want some more? Just listen to The Binz self-titled debut EP. A real shot in the arm for sore souls that ache. And if you think that is cool, The Binz are just getting going. The young whippersnappers recently hooked up with studio guru Jesse Gander and recorded a new slab of meat tenderizing bad ass beats. The new album, with such a nifty name, How to Freak Out Responsibly About the Rise of the Robots, drops on March 13.

“The Binz believe robots want more than just our jobs. Our album is a guide to dealing with the eventual robot uprising that we all know is coming. We are ready for it and we encourage others to prepare themselves,” Robertz explains the concept. “Personally, I think the new record is much more dynamic than our first EP. The songs have more variation. The new record is truly a collaboration between all of us. Everyone contributed and I think that makes it a lot better. A lot more thought went into these songs and we had a better idea of how we wanted the recording to turn out.”

Make no mistake, The Binz are out to get dirty and filthy as they plan to hit the road in support of their new album. Spring and summer tour plans are abound. So get ready, Canada, as the gangly arms of The Binz thrash out. They will be in your hood, knocking down your doors, and chopping down your wood shed with an axe. They are a raucous sweaty bunch and they take prisoners out to lunch. They are humble folk but whether The Binz like it or not, they are catalysts of a rare forgotten breed and that is rock music, my friends.

The Binz play the Railway Club on March 13th for their record release with openers Real Problems, What’s Hot, and Hanzai.

By Heath Fenton

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