Too True follows the Los Angeles quintet’s 2012 EP, The End of Daze. At the core of this album are the lead vocals and poetic lyrics of Dee Dee Penny. It is no surprise to learn that she is friends with the ghosts of Plath, Rimbaud and Rilke. In the first song, “Cult of Love,” Penny opens with, “We touch beneath our skin/Right down to the bare wires.” The sonic palette of the album toes the line between the electronic and corporeal, while also expanding into an ethereal realm. It somehow feels like both cool steel and warm lips on your skin.

There is an obvious ‘80s influence on the music, with slow, sensual melodies laid over upbeat tempos and drums. “Rimbaud Eyes” grows on you quickly and is one of the singles along with “Are You Okay?” — “I’m reckless at night/I’m sorry for days/I’m looking for you through lavender haze.” Penny is indeed a midnight poet, willing to shed light on her soul and bare it before us.

This album feels like being lured by a sweet, seductive, dark siren into a misty forest in a dream directed by David Lynch and we can’t help but feel compelled to follow her.

By Holly Burton

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