the jolts


Vancouver’s the Jolts return with a blistering 7” chock-full of the razor-sharp riffs you need and the rock ‘n’ roll attitude they have become known for.

Opener and title track, “Hammer Every Nail,” kicks things off with its propulsive drums and Joshy Atomic’s burly guitar. It’s as urgent as a rock ‘n’ roll song should be and demands to be played as loud as humanly possible. “Continental Op” lures the listener in but, just as before, starts swinging early and often as the track picks up steam. When the first chorus kicks in, the Jolts go into high gear, never looking back as they unleash all hell on your poor little stereo.

Throw in a ‘roided-out cover of David Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs,” and when Joey Blitzkreig snarls “This ain’t rock ’n’ roll, this is Blitzkreig,” you believe him. You believe in volume. You believe in leather and denim. And once again, the Jolts will make you believe in the glory of rock ’n’ roll.

By P.J. Lavergne

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