Friday’s show at the Palomino was nothing short of electrifying, thanks to a trio of Calgary-based bands who all exude an awkwardly likeable tenacity.

The show would function as an album release for Lab Coast, paired with Teledrome as openers, one of Calgary’s most promising and mesmerizing bands. With the Soft Option rounding out the night’s bill, it made for a memorable night of superb showmanship, unique tunes and an intensely invested audience.

Teledrome kicked off the night with their captivatingly unique music styling and understated stage presence. As with most shows, the crowd was sparse when they began their set but, as the band took the audience on a tour of their excellent, self-titled album, the crowd became enthralled and were transported into a soundtrack you would expect from an artistic, punked-out video game.

The Soft Option played next, showcasing the most performance energy of the night and initiating an awkwardly placed mosh scene at the front of the crowd, which perfectly complimented the band’s peculiar (yet enchanting) lead singer, Chris Zajko. Reminiscent of the ‘60s or ‘70s punk scene with dark garage rock roots, the band was relentlessly engaging and electrified the crowd into a tizzy of dancing as awkwardly as humanly possible.

Lab Coast charmed the audience at last, debuting tunes off their brand new, 16-track LP. These five alluring musicians play chilled-out, feel-good indie-pop, carrying listeners to the sun-kissed sidewalks of California. With beautiful lyrics and superb instrumentals, Lab Coast left the Palomino’s audience swaying in a non-existent summertime breeze.

It was undeniable that this eclectic grouping of bands, along with the diverse crowd that came to see them play, was a merriment of misfits coming together to celebrate their differences along with some extraordinarily genius music.

By Kayla Beattie
Photos by Andrew Stirling

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