Deftones’ front man Chino Moreno’s side project, ††† (pronounced “Crosses”) is currently on tour to promote their new album, The Epilogue. Just to clarify, although the bands imagery depicts three †††, they should not be confused with Three Crosses – a Christian sensation that were huge in the ‘90s on the evangelical Baptist circuit.

BeatRoute had the chance to catch up with Moreno’s bandmate and childhood friend Shaun Lopez to get the scoop on the occult inspired project. Currently in Phoenix Arizona, ††† is seven shows deep in their North American tour promising audiences an intimate, ambient experience.

“This tour is a lot bigger then anything we’ve has ever done before, it’s very exciting,” says Lopez. “I enjoy the smaller venues as it creates a more intimate feel for the type of music we create.”

The project is heavily inspired by Depeche Mode and the music is soaked in layers of synthesizers. However, ††† are aware that synthesizers are like frosting, a little treat to brighten things up, but too much will just make you sick. To balance things out, Lopez brings has experience as guitarist for post-hardcore band Far to the table, adding an emo/metal dynamic to the band’s sounds.

When it came to writing their debut album, ††† techniques were unconventional to say the least. Lopez tell of how himself and final ††† member Chuck Doom would lock them selves in the studio and watch trippy old movies with the sound down.

“It’s really cool!” says Lopez. “We watch movies like Holy Mountain and sometimes what we create syncs up. We’re hope to add it to our live performance down the road.”

Moreno however was not involved in the initial process. Once Doom and Lopez had finished writing and recording the track they would then send it to Moreno who writes the lyrics. And lyrics are dark. With the recent passing of Deftones’ bassist Chi Cheng, it seems as if Moreno is feeling drawn to the more dark and softer side of things. Monero told Rolling Stone earlier this year that Cheng feels closer to him now that he has past. “Before he was just in between.”

“Since releasing the first EP in 2011 things have really taken off,” says Lopez.

The band followed up with another EP in 2012 before their full-length debut this year, all produced and mastered by Lopez.

“I love being in the studio writing, I love touring as well,” says Lopez.

And tour they shall. Catch ††† at Venue on April 2nd.

By Meighan Donaldson

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