Though it made its first appearance in the pages of New York Magazine in 1980, the word “foodie” has really only become a lifestyle in recent years. Self-appointed foodies post photos of their meals on Instagram, spend hours slaving over increasingly complicated dishes and describe their latest culinary creations to their friends with a sense of pride previously reserved only for discussing one’s children.

This month, Cat on a Leash Creations will be exploring our relationship with food with a unique art event at the Hughes House called Föda: A Culinary Cabaret and Potluck. From a sound composer creating a mix using culinary noises, to roaming performers who cook and interact with audience members simultaneously, the event will be a treat for all five senses.

“Food is the foundation for so much story, tradition and conflict,” explains Cat on a Leash co-artistic director Geneviève Paré. “An art event about food offered so much potential and we were too excited about the idea to pass it up.”

Her fellow co-artistic director, Kathryn Smith, agrees. “Food is one of the most relatable themes in the world and yet it is hardly explored,” she says. “It’s fascinating what stories and experiences come to mind when I think about food in relation to myself. And everyone brings so much variety to the topic. Some people are foodies, some are picky eaters, and for some food can be fatal. For some people food is love and for some it is politics. Food is truly a basis for living.”

Following an informal potluck – during which attendees are invited to explore the living and still art installations throughout the space – guests at the event will gather in the living room for a cabaret performance featuring dance, comedy, music and theatre, as well as food creations from award-winning chef, Mathieu Paré. For Smith and Paré, the impact of the event should resonate throughout the community.

“We want to create atypical events that uncover different avenues towards performance and installation,” explains Smith. “We also hope to give the audience an experience they keep talking about, and perhaps even something that inspires them creatively.”

Paré adds, “We are also interested in confirming for people that Calgary is an exciting city with unique art opportunities. We want to keep the spirit of creativity alive here.”

Föda: A Culinary Cabaret and Potluck takes place at the Hughes House Bed & Breakfast April 4-5. For more information, visit http://www.brownpapertickets.com and search “Foda: A Culinary Cabaret.”

By Sara Elizabeth Taylor


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