Hailing from windy Chicago, Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s, the boys behind the cinematic chamber-pop sound, are back and better than ever. Following up 2012’s Rot Gut, Domestic, the band brings us their fifth offering to the foaming masses.

On Sling Shot to Heaven, we see the boys trading in much of their grungy garage-rock outings for a more laid-back sound. Reaching back into the softer side of their history, this album finds us in the middle of a starlit field amongst ringing acoustic guitars and softly plunking piano notes. This album draws attention to the fact that these guys are getting old — literally. Now that they’re advancing in age and undertaking many more age-appropriate developmental milestones, such as getting married and having kids, the result is a softer, more introspective sound and lyrics that describe the kind of love that you’d witness if you were a fly on the wall of a happy family home.

Filled with hopes, doubts, wonder and a whole lot of love, the lyrics tell of the struggles of shifting into a more adult stage in life, fondly looking back on younger years while looking wistfully at unfamiliar surroundings. Highly recommended for that manic, pixie, dream girl in your life — you know, the one who wouldn’t stop incessantly playing that damned Belle and Sebastian CD over and over again.

By Max Maxwell


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