When I say that Occult Delight could be found in the “Used, ‘80s” bin at the record store today and no one would notice, I mean that in the best way possible. The Vancouver band effortlessly channel the spirit of Echo and the Bunnymen, maybe Morrissey, Psychedelic Furs and others. Any doubt of influences is dispelled the second the perfect synths from the opening track, “Strangle the Shadows,” fade in.

Make no mistake — this is keyboard-forward, eyeliner-regardless-of-gender, I-wear-black-because-it’s-how-I-feel-on-the-inside, highly danceable, synth-soaked tracks. Further indulgence comes from the song titles before they even play: “Thieving Babies’ Breath,” “She,” “Untamed” and “Unburden Yourself” (the latter with the chorus of, “All my friends are underground”) nod in the dark direction Mode Moderne takes the listener. I’m not sure if they intended the descent to be fun, but it is.

By Spencer Brown


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