If you’re wondering, “Did this new Owls record happen because of the Cap’N Jazz Reunion Tour?” the answer is yes. Although it’s been 13 years since their debut album, Tim Kinsella, Mike Kinsella, Victor Villarreal and Sam Zurick are back together with a sound that hasn’t changed too much. Two could have been released in 2003 (a year after they had broken up) with no one blinking an eye.

The angular twists and turns and the Marco Polo relationship between the lyrics and the backing vocals are all still there, as is the cemented drumming that holds the songs together regardless of where the guitars are. Overall more aggressive than their last offering, with louder, faster drums and some truly Cap’N Jazz-era yelping, even the lyrics are less abstract than before.

Owls are one of the cornerstone bands who were responsible for shaping the Jade Tree sound many years ago and Two reinforces it with songs like “Ancient Stars Seeds.” While Owls may have been lumped in as an emo band or math rock band due to the time period, you can put Two into whatever category you’d feel comfortable with in 2001.

By Spencer Brown


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