Moments. Catching yourself in a moment that you can feel the inspiriting and energy being received is rare. When The Head and The Heart played the Local stage at Calgary Folk Festival in 2011, they felt the connection between audience and artist that creates the magic that artists work so hard to create. Smiles were exchanged between band members and fans as the crowd begun to sing along and dance to songs from the self-titled 2011 album.

“That was a defining moment that kind of drove doing a cross-Canada tour. Calgary Folk Fest kicked it off for us, people seem to really care about what we are doing up there. We haven’t done a full tour through Canada, so it will be great to get a feel for the country and the lay of land,” drummer Tyler Williams explains from Virginia when the band is on break early February.

In 2009, Josiah Johnson and Jonathan Russell formed The Head and the Heart in Seattle, Washington. With the addition of Chris Zasche, Tyler Williams, Charity Rose Thielen and Kenny Hensley, they created a solid folk-inspired group with lyrics that are captivating and heartfelt. After relentless touring, the band were on the same page for their writing and recording their sophomore album. “It’s a natural growth, we were touring seeing all the same places, bands and influenced by similar moments, we can’t ask for a better response from our fans with the new material.” Case in point, Let’s Be Still is caked with beautifully composed songs with strong melodies and lyrics that fans will eat up. Tracks like “Springtime” and “Summertime” easily remind listeners about Jenny Lewis and you want to bask in the sun while listening to them gently meander.

One of the strong suits for The Head and The Heart is their live performance. What they were looking to do with Let’s Be Still is translate their live energy to the new album.  Possessed by the spirit of hard work and heart, it’s clear that TH&TH are making music that they are both passionate and committed to share. “Six heads, six hearts, they don’t always line up, but it always comes back to us sharing the same vision, enjoying not just each others company but creative visions,” says Williams.

It’s an interesting to be remained of the emotional wrestling matches that our heads and heart tends to take on throughout a lifetime. At the end of the day, we are all looking to connect, whether is a smile shared between two strangers on the bus, old friends catching up over a drink, or dancing your face off at a TH&TH show. Connections and moments are what life is all about, and The Head and The Heart have a body of work that is engaging, inspiring and impossible not to get lost in. They are doing it right.

Catch the Head and the Heart at the Burton Cummings Theatre (Winnipeg) on April 7, at the MacEwan Hall Ballroom (Calgary) on April 9 and at the Winspear Centre (Edmonton) on April 10.

By Danni Bauer

One response to “THE HEAD AND THE HEART

  1. Can’t wait to see them at COacHeLLa!! Another band that they remind me of is First Aid Kit! Check out their song “My Silver Lining”!!

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