tokyo-police-club-forcefieldEDITEDFORCEFIELD, DINE ALONE RECORDS

Forcefield maintains a lifeline of superbly driven charge, the scope and strength of which is hardly paralleled in the world of electro-pop sound. The gravity and rage of the rhythms fill the empty space of urban music with a new, electronic meaning. Vocals laze and spin, wandering into a heady plane in the wobbly world of drunk driving stoned surfing and maybe even a touch of the junkie’s cold and broken whisper. Yet, the four men who make up the bright electronica ensemble Tokyo Police Club sing, intone and beat with an exceptional clarity — it rings almost uncannily into the blurring nightlife scenery.

The hounds have been loosed and we’re listening closely, as there’s bound to be an echo — at least a few thousand that may trail into the early spring night this year. Whether on a slack jaunt to balance beam the neighbourhood sidewalk, or to dress in front of a cracked and borrowed mirror, or to drive off into the ecstatic bliss of another danceable night, Tokyo Police Club delivers a nine-track Forcefield of sonic welcome.

By Matt Hanson


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