From the director of Who is KK Downy? comes a peculiar tale of love and awkwardness. In a bid to revive their marriage, Carl (Sam Huntington) takes his wife, Sue (Meaghan Rath), on what was planned to be a romantic weekend in the mountains. But, when former love-of-his-life Robyn (Emmanuelle Chriqui) shows up running the inn Carl and Sue stay at, everything falls apart for all three as Carl’s past and present collide.

Awkward and uncomfortable at points, Three Night Stand goes beyond the formulaic romantic comedies we normally see. Comically, it flows from one uncomfortable moment to the next, showing us the humour behind the pain, but also reveals the darkness that comes with loving someone or, in Carl’s case, loving two people at once. With the aid of a few long and drawn-out moments between characters, director Pat Kiely reaches down into the nitty-gritty of what happens when, at the wrong moments, lives collide.

If you were hoping for a happy ending, this film will not deliver. Staying true to its darker, more realistic portrayal of love and loss, all that is provided is an ending — but one that is nonetheless satisfying to watch.

Three Night Stand will be screened as part of CUFF on April 9 at 7 p.m.

By Shannon Buckley

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