April looks to be a great month for the performing arts in Calgary. A slew of productions are hitting stages across town, leaving you with the decision of what to see. Here’s the skinny on just a few of the shows this month to help guide you.

My Family and Other Endangered Species
Downstage Theatre
EPCOR Centre: Big Secret Theatre
April 23-26 & April 29-May 3

Following the journey of the precocious Phineas William Walsh, My Family and Other Endangered Species explores the impact of a family’s split from the perspective of a child. Phineas is unable to understand how some members of the animal kingdom find mates for life while his parents are divorcing. He also meets an endangered White’s tree frog in his elementary school classroom, and is so moved by its plight that he plans an elaborate rescue. Heartwarming and bittersweet, this is sure to engage young adults and parents alike.

AB-CITY-Places-Please-Photo2This Little Piggie
The Old Trout Puppet Workshop and the Calgary Folk Music Festival
Festival Hall
April 18

Folk music, puppetry and theatre combine for this one-night-only event. Featuring Kris Demeanor, Little Miss Higgins, David Rhymer and more, this performance (written by the Old Trouts) is sure to be intense, dark, and a little bit twisted. This hyper-theatrical performance is going to be one for the ages.

The Mountaintop
Theatre Calgary
Max Bell Theatre
March 25 – April 20

This two-handed play zooms in on the night prior to Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, in his room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. A maid comes to his room to deliver a cup of coffee to the famous civil rights activist and the conversation that follows is what playwright Katori Hall lets us watch in this performance. Read our BeatRoute review here.

By Geneviève Dale

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