Bombity of Errors by Jordan Allen-Dutton, Jason Catalano, Gregory J. Qaiyum, Erik Weiner and Jeffrey Qaiyum
Arts Club Theatre
April 10-May 10
Revue Stage (1601 Johnston St., Granville Island)

Shakespeare is like cats. Some of us love the things and welcome the day we can listen to 50 purring in pleasure after retirement; some of us cannot stand the condescending beasts who think they are exponentially smarter than us. However, a cat donning a snap-back and big blinding bling while rapping whiskers, is a spectacle everyone (with a soul) would find worth watching. Bombity of Errors is an ad-rap-tation of the classic Shakespearian comedy “Comedy of Errors” that adds hip hop, rapping, ridiculous costume changes and enough beat-boxing to keep cat-lovers and haters alike enraptured with amusement.

Killer Joe by Tracy Letts
ITSAZOO Productions
April 15-May 4 (Shows Tuesday-Sunday)
Italian Cultural Centre (3075 Slocan St., Vancouver)

ITSAZOO presents the Vancouver premiere of Tony and Pulitizer award-winning Tracy Letts’ play in another one of its site-specific productions. Audiences won’t be sitting in any boring ol’ theatre seats for this production–quite the opposite. They’ll be in a mock trailer park installation which they are free to explore before, during and after the show to learn more about the man who tries to kill his mother using a cop/hitman in order to claim her life insurance. ITSAZOO promises sex, blood and comedy in this trailer-trashed onsite production.

Mrs. Warren’s Profession by George Bernard Shaw
Alley Theatre
April 22-27
Rickshaw Theatre (254 East Hastings St., Vancouver)

Given the recent decision by Canada’s Supreme Court declaring recent sex trade legislation as unconstitutional, Alley Theatre’s production of one of Shaw’s more scandalous (for Victorian-era England) plays couldn’t come at a better time. Unbeknownst to her daughter Vivie, Mrs. Warren been operating brothels and pleasure houses around Europe for years which has afforded Vivie the best education money can buy the modern woman. When Vivie finds out the foundation for her comfort and lifestyle, let’s just say she doesn’t take the news lying down. After the show on April 26th, there will include a panel discussion addressing Canadian sex trade. 

By Team BeatRoute

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