AB-CITY-Arteries-5I’ve always had a fondness for mushrooms. In fact, I’ve been growing oyster mushrooms in my studio all year. Now that spring has arrived, fungi will also be some of the earliest lovely biota we’ll see popping up, so it’s only natural that I’d point out this show to kick off the season!

Allison Morgan

DaDe Art & Design Lab (Water Closet Gallery)
March 8 – April 20

Allison Morgan’s paintings have a nice range of visual fodder for fans of differing approaches. Recurring kneeling figures, strange op-art dimensional interplays and surreal subject matter like animal heads or fungi spliced comfortably onto human bodies create intriguing new experiences. Her educational background in three-dimensional media from NSCAD and Emily Carr are evidenced in these unconventional approaches to painting, which she eventually picked it up while in Barcelona, and continued to develop for a decade.

A Quiet Revolution
Tyler Hochhalter
Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar (DaDe ART DEPT. #1)
January 31 – April 27

While you’re in the area, grab a coffee at Gravity (just below Esker, and across from Pith if it’s a Saturday) to check out Tyler Hochhalter’s paintings in this DaDe-partnered space. With a very strong graffiti aesthetic, his works on canvas actually use many different painting techniques, to create highly detailed, beautifully rendered bird images. Without overwhelming a viewer with content, each piece keeps the eyes moving and creating dialogues between recognizable forms, while layers of line, colour, gesture and text make the mind fly out to farther dimensions. Having also done murals and tattoo, it’s no surprise people would want to be surrounded by his artwork.

Colour, Energy and Shape
Contextural and Cat Schick
EPCOR Centre 7 Window Galleries
April 5 – July 4 (reception May 8, 5-8 p.m.)

Contextural is quite a well-respected local cooperative and residency program for textile artists that began in 2007. They will be sharing EPCOR’s 7 Window Galleries with Cat Schick’s “photodrawings,” which are photographs altered to look like pencil. Contextural’s show will feature several artists, all presenting works in reaction to the theme word of “indigo.” It is considered an essential colour of the rainbow, between blue and violet (remember: “Roy G. Biv”), and has been symbolically linked to spirituality, loyalty and intuition. Come and see what this richly historical plant dye can become when wielded by some of our finest local fibre artists and meet them in person at the reception!

By Cait Lepla

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