Before the feature started, CUFF volunteers handed out cheeseburgers to the audience. When one was offered to me, I politely declined. Five minutes into the movie I regretted this decision as my stomach began to cave in on itself like a dying star.

Directed, written, and animated by Shayne Ehman and Seth Scriver, this oddity of a road trip/animated film utilizes burgers and various other foods as motifs splattered throughout the movie.

The plot is basic enough on paper and is based on a real-life road trip on which Eham and Scriver embarked: two friends named, Bucktooth Cloud and Skeleton Head, hitchhike across Canada and encounter strange lands and even stranger people.

asphalt-watches-daveThe buns of this delicious cartoon burger are comprised of the other-worldly and entirely unique character designs Ehman and Scriver have put together. Vaguely representing familiar concepts, it’s impossible not to stare and try to form an idea of what you’re supposed to be looking at. Scenes change and new characters are introduced at such an ADD pace that you are left with little to grasp and adds to the whole surreality of the movie.

Bleak and blank designs stand in lieu of the usual majestic Canadian landscape, allowing the fascinatingly ugly characters to stand out more and for the audience to figure out on their own just where the hell they’re supposed to be.

One notable event takes place as the duo pass through Calgary, picked up on the side of the road by a bewildered, Wendy’s hamburger-obsessed, Santa Claus-esque individual, who leads them on an imaginary race through the streets of Calgary before dropping them off at Peter’s Drive in.

The film’s soundtrack make up the condiments and veggies. The music is abstract and organic, filling the space in between the abnormal and zany antics of the film.

Early on in the film, there’s a quick musical interlude revolving entirely around Boston Pizza that’ll leave you hungry, dazed, and confused.

Lastly, the delicious meat patty is the story itself. Although the grotesque designs and unconventional story-telling will be the first noted, its true resolve lies in the surreal tale of wanderlust being told on the screen through captivating animation and unique concepts.

By Alonso Melgar

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