Gatineau, Quebec grind act Fuck the Facts has been touring, recording, and generally shit disturbing since the late ‘90s and they’re about to come through Calgary for the umpteenth time. Because we always want to give our love to our fellow country mates, we caught up with guitarist and band creator Topon Das via email to discuss their 65+ releases, being officially DIY and thanking God “for the piss stories to keep us sane and bring meaning to our lives.”

BeatRoute: Hello Topon Das! Can you introduce yourself and tell us what role you play in Fuck the Facts?

Topon Das: Hi, that’s me. I play guitar and I guess I started this whole thing. I accept full responsibly for calling a band Fuck The Facts. Sorry, mom.

BR: Can you describe your music for our discerning readers in a few sentences?

TD: Musically, we just do what we want and don’t really think about it too much. For some people, it might sound like “dissonant grind” or “experimental noisy polyrhythms,” but, for us, it’s just what comes out of our teeny tiny brains. For the discerning readers, here is my sales pitch: our music is similar to whiskey. It tastes like shit, but you’ll look cool drinking it. The only thing is if you drink too much of it, you won’t have any friends left. If the band name hasn’t already turned you off, the music probably will. Buy our records and come to our shows.

BR: Fuck the Facts has been affiliated with Relapse Records since 2006, yet you’ve done multiple self-released EPs, the most recent being 2013’s Amer. What is coming next down the pipeline?

TD: We finished up our contract with Relapse. It was a good run and I’m very proud that we released three albums on that label, but it was time for both of us to move on. It was never a problem to be a DIY band on Relapse. We were such a small fish in a big pond that I think they were happy about any attention that we brought to the albums we released through them. Now, we’re full-on DIY and maybe it’s the best for us. I don’t know yet. We love to make music, travel the world and just do what we do. We have the luxury of this not being our jobs, but still benefitting from being a touring act with a dedicated audience. We do stuff because we love doing it. If one day we don’t enjoy it anymore, we’ll stop. No hard feelings….

[Right] now we have a new full-length album in the pipeline as well as a split with Quebec grind band, Fistfuck, that we’re currently mixing. Besides that there’s also three songs left over from the Die Miserable era that we’ll be releasing soon. Too much music and too much time: soon our discography will be as big as the country we live in.

BR: Any last words? 

TD: We all love to travel, visit new places and see all our friends all over the world. Being able to do that and play noisey grindcore every night is a pretty awesome trip.

Catch Fuck the Facts at Tubby Dog on April 28.

By Sarah Kitteringham

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