Jeremie Durand and his business associate, Jeff Tinke, have been promoting electronic concerts for the last seven years. Recently, they decided to branch out and develop their shows into something different.

“What we want to do,” explains Durand, “is create multi-layered events. Where we can bring in an act that’s performing on the stage, but we also have an event going on out on the floor and in other parts of the venue.”

Inkcounter, which takes places at Flame Central, will evolve around tattoo culture. “We’re looking for the customs, the hot rods, the burlesque, the pin-ups and the tattoo artists,” say Durand. “We’ll have 14 booths dedicated to individual tattoo shops in town. And then each shop will have two or three artists who will represent themselves or the shop along with art or digital prints displaying their work. The main concept is to meet  with the artists, chat and of course, party with them.”

Durand realizes that this event is similar to tattoo conventions, but the main thrust is to “get to know the artist, see how they get loose, and actually connect with them.”

The Rumble, Electric Revival and the High Kicks are gauranteed to kickstart your heart on Sat. April 26 at Flames Central.

By B. Simm

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